Spider-man Movies

Spider-man MoviesIn 2002 the classical superhero Spider-man was brought to the big screen in a big way. Sony Pictures Entertainment released the movie Spider-man, followed by Spider-man 2 in 2004 and Spider-man 3 in 2007. All three big-budget, fast-paced action movies have had phenomenal success, breaking box office records and grossing over $597 million in the US and $2,496,346,518 worldwide. Spider-man fans eagerly await the release of Spider-man 4, which should be appearing in theaters during 2011. Although taking some artistic license, the Spider-man films closely follow the original comics, capturing the spirit of the well-loved comic book hero Peter Parker, and featuring the same characters and super villains which appeared in Marvel Comic’s hit series.

Acclaimed actor Toby Maguire stars as Spider-man in all three movies, with actress Kirsten Dunst playing his love interest, Mary Jane Watson. Actor James Franco plays his best friend, Harry Osborne. Toby Maguire and Mary Jane Watson are expected to resume their respective roles in the upcoming sequel to the smash-hits.

In each movie, Spider-man must defeat a villain, who at the beginning of the movie is someone that Peter Parker loves or respects. In each movie Peter Parker must make personal sacrifices in order to be Spider-man and to uphold the films’ motto that “with great power comes great responsibility.” The movies each progress the dramatic personal story of Peter Parker, who moves from high school to college during the film series.

Spider-man’s sacrifices, quick-wit, and unwavering love for Mary Jane Watson have made him a true hero to his fans- not too mention the cool tricks he can do with his superpowers, aptly displayed through the films’ well-executed and big-budgeted special effects. These movies are well-worth the watch.