Spider-man Enemies

No superhero can exist without villains. Those new to Spider-man may find Spider-man villains confusing, and this section offers a brief review of the villains the amazing Spider-man must face in the first three Spider-man films. All the villians featured in the Spider-man films come directly from the original Marvel comic books.

Spider-man: The Green Goblin- The Green Goblin is actually Norman Osborne, the father of Peter Parker’s best friend, Harry Osborne. Played by William Dafoe in the film, Norman Osborne is a wealthy industrialist who injects himself with a risky, experimental body enhancer. The drugs indeed enhance his physical and mental abilities, but makes him go insane. Using many of his state-of-the-arch inventions and weapons, Norman Osborne begins to threaten New York City and thus becomes the first Spider-man nemesis, the Green Goblin.

Spider-man 2: Doctor Octopus- Once again, science proves to be dangerous. For a school paper, Peter Parker begins interviewing one of his personal heroes, science genius Otto Octavius. Dr. Octavius invents extremely strong and resistant mechanical arms to assist with a science experiment, but an accident causes the arms to fuse with his spine and take over his mind and willpower. Now with eight limbs, the crazed Dr. Octavius decides that he must complete the experiment despite the fact that it will destroy New York City, and only Spider-man can possibly stop him.

Spider-man 3
: The Sandman, the New Goblin, and the Black Symbiote- The Sandman is an escape convict who becomes fused with sand after falling into a particle accelerator, which gives him the ability to shift shape. The New Goblin is none other than Peter’s best friend, Harry Osborne, who is determined to get revenge on Spider-man for the death of his father. Harry finds some of his father’s old Green Goblin gear (as well as insanity) lurking about the mansion to help him towards his goal. Most mysterious and dangerous of all is the mysterious Black Symbiote, which falls from another world and attaches to Spider-man’s suit, turning it black. The symbiote begins to change Peter Parker into a different and cruel person, endangering his relationships with those around him, as well as their very lives.