Spider-man Cartoons

Spider-man CartoonsOriginating from the pages of a comic book and evolving into record-setting, big-screen movies, Spiderman has also been featured in popular animated Spider- man television series, which have spanned several decades.

The first series, Spider-man, ran on ABC from 1967 to 1970, and this was the series which first introduced the well-known Spider-man theme song, beginning with the now classic words: “Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can.” Next were Spider-man and his Amazing Friends, which ran on NBC in 1981, and another show titled Spider-man, which aired on Fox in 1994.

The release of the big-screen Spiderman films inspired two more animated TV series, Spider-man Unlimited which was broadcasted on MTV in 2003, and the Spectacular Spider-Man which began in 2008 on the Disney Channel. Spider-man Unlimited continued the theme of the movie, while the current Spectacular Spider-man more closely follows the original comic book adventures of the teenager Spider-man, perhaps most noticeably being that Peter Parker’s first girlfriend is named Gwen Stacey, while Mary Jane Watson, his love interest in the movies, is as of yet only a friend.

Nor was Spiderman on television been limited just to animation. A live-action show, The Amazing Spider-Man, aired in 1977 on CBS. The series was popular but short-lived due to a budget too low to effectively bring to life Spidey’s powers. Spiderman shows, both animated and live-action, have appeared internationally, such as in Japan. Spiderman has also appeared in multiple commercials and advertisements over the years. The appearance of Spider-man on six major television networks, international television, and commercials, for over three decades demonstrates the position this “friendly neighborhood Spiderman” holds in American culture.