Spider-man Accessories

Spider-man AccessoriesThe market has responded to the popularity of Spider-man by producing a variety of Spider-man accessories for the range of Spider-man fans.

Among the most popular are Spider-man costumes, which are available for both children and adults. Costumes can be found year round online, or in any store that carries costumes around Halloween, and prices vary anywhere from $15 to $250. Costumes commonly come with body suit, Spider-man mask, Spider-man gloves, and frequently an arm pump which shoots fake web or water. The arm pump can often be bought separately as a toy, and are good Spider-man gifts for the young Spidey enthusiast. A popular variation to the traditional red and blue Spidey costume is the “black Spidey”, a costume inspired by Spider-man 3, when a mysterious alien symbiote changes Spider-man’s suit black and offers Spiderman extra powers, but at great personal cost to Peter Parker.

Spiderman posters also make great gifts for Spider-man fans. Spider-man has changed in appearance over the years, as the comic books developed, animated series were created, and the Spider-man movies hit the big screens. Spider-man posters can be bought that reflect all stages of Spider-man’s appearance, from old Marvel comics to the modern movie posters. Other bedroom Spider-man decorations are also on the Spider-man market, including Spider-man bedcovers, Spider-man rugs, and Spider-man wall paper.

Other Spider-man paraphernalia include Spider-man books, Spider-man clothes, pajamas, and shoes, Spider-man toys, Spider-man lunch boxes, Spider-man bath accessories, Spider-man party decorations, and even Spider-man toothbrushes. Spider-man games are also available in a variety of age-levels and prices, and are extremely popular. New Spider-man accessories will be released simultaneously as Spider-man 4, set to hit the theaters in 2011.